Brownstone Repair

Brownstone Repair

Brownstone was one of the most popular building materials in the 18th century. In Boston, you can find numerous old buildings built using brownstone. Although brownstone looks attractive and is reasonably strong, it develops certain problems over time. If your brownstone building is in need of repair or renovation, N&P Masonry is happy to be of service. Our brownstone repair Boston MA experts and can make your building look as good as new.

Why Does Brownstone Need Repair?

Brownstone is a type of sandstone and is formed in horizontal layers of sand and natural adhesives. When this stone is used in building constructions, it is cut vertically, thereby exposing the layers to natural elements. With time, water seeps into these layers and loosens the layers. As a result, the layers begin to come apart. Very old brownstone buildings sometimes crumble like rotting wood.

The cold Boston weather puts brownstone through a freeze-dry process, which causes a lot of damage. Some construction techniques accelerate the process of natural decay of brownstone. If the composition of mortar used to repoint the building is not appropriate, the brownstone could be damaged.

At N&P Masonry, we analyze the cause of damage and come up with suitable remedies to repair brownstone. Over the years, we have successfully repaired and renovated numerous brownstone buildings in Boston area.

As skilled masonry contractors in Boston MA, we are equipped to handle all types of brownstone repair including:

  • Brownstone building analysis
  • Customized repair strategies
  • All types of repairs, whether repointing or renovating complete façade
  • Waterproofing brownstone

Trust Our Expertise

We are masonry contractors based in Boston. We thoroughly understand the effect that the climate of Boston has on brownstone structures. Furthermore, waterproofing brownstone buildings can be challenging.

If moisture remains inside the stone, the rate of deterioration accelerates. Cleaning brownstone with generic chemical washes can cause extensive damage as well. It is also very difficult to get a new block of sandstone to replace the damaged stone.

With our experience and expertise, we have devised methods that can overcome these damaging factors and reinstate the structural integrity of the building. For instance, we use advanced grinding tools to remove the mortar without damaging the natural layers of brownstone.

After grinding, we use chisels to gently remove the original mortar. We also ensure that the composition of the fresh mortar is perfect so that the natural layers of the stone do not deteriorate further.

With flawless workmanship and meticulous repair work, we ensure that your brownstone building remains strong, stable and visually appealing for several more decades.

We promise quality, efficiency and prompt customer support for every job we take up. No job is too big or too small for us. Some of the Massachusetts cities and towns we provide masonry services to are: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Boston, Braintree, Cambridge, Charlestown, Everett, Newton, North End, Quincy, Somerville, South End, South Weymouth, West Roxbury and Weymouth MA.

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