Chimney Repair & Construction

New Chimney Construction

Chimney Repair Masonry Services Boston MA

N&P Masonry Inc. provides chimney repair and construction services to commercial and residential clients in the greater Boston MA area. The chimneys we repair and construct are known for long lasting performance, safety and superior quality. We are fully insured and we guarantee our work. Be it new chimney construction or chimney repair, our skilled team is happy to help.

Chimney Construction Greater Boston MA

Constructing tall masonry structures is challenging. At N&P Masonry, we use different types of chimney construction processes depending on the requirements of the building. Our chimney construction team begins by performing a thorough initial analysis of the ground area and the operating conditions of the chimney.

We create a chimney design based on the information gathered from our initial analysis. Our team of qualified and certified designers and engineers ensure that the design is structurally stable, high in performance and long lasting. We submit the detailed design for your approval along with a quote. Once you approve, we begin the construction process.

Chimney Repair Experts

N&P Masonry is a dynamic and constantly evolving masonry company. We adopt the latest technologies to bring to you the best in chimney design and construction. We promise quality, efficiency and prompt customer support for every job we take up. Our team of chimney repair and construction experts are trained in safe working methods and our practices keep our workers as well as our clients safe. When you use N&P Masonry for chimney repair and construction services in Boston MA, you will receive:

  • Customized chimney design and construction
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Use of high quality building materials
  • Adherence to quality standards in construction
  • Timely completion of the job
  • Chimneys built within pre-decided budgets
  • Friendly and prompt customer service