Historical Preservation

Historical Preservation

Historical structures need to be preserved as they are a part of our heritage. At N&P Masonry, Inc, we reinstate historical structures to their previous glory by making use of traditional materials and sustainable building methods.

Historic Preservation Services

Over the years in business, our historic preservation Boston MA team has worked on different types of historic structures. We understand the requirements of heritage structures and can preserve them in the most effective way.

Our historic preservation services include:

  • Assessment of building condition
  • Construction design and management
  • Construction planning including phasing, costing, reviewing and scheduling
  • Implementation and building
  • Risk management for historic structures
  • Project management
  • Cost estimation
  • Consulting

At N&P Masonry, we work on the preservation of historic structures built using bricks, stones, lime and several other types of construction materials. We also handle a wide range of preservation works, be it a single component of a heritage building or the entire building. We are equipped to do the job.

Our Historic Preservation Process

Historic preservation is a challenging job depending on the condition of the building. Our preservation strategy is based on two crucial elements – knowing your requirements and assessing the requirements of the structure.

Our team meets you and visits the place to take stock of both these elements. Our building assessment includes studying the building materials used in construction, their structural stability, construction methods and several other parameters.

Based on the information gathered through assessment and meetings with you, we prepare a comprehensive plan for preserving the building. We share the plan with you to seek your feedback. We also provide a quote for the job. Once you approve, we come to the premises and start working on the structure.

Historic Masonry Experts in Boston, MA

At N&P Masonry, we are sensitive towards historic buildings and work with a passion to preserve them. When we focus on historic preservation, we also take care of the safety, cleanliness and hygiene of the building.

Depending on your requirements, we also infuse modern functionality into historic buildings, giving you the best of both the worlds – historic charm and modern comforts. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • High quality preservation works
  • Dedicated project manager for every preservation job
  • Perfect craftsmanship
  • Cost effective preservation work
  • Efficient customer service

As an experienced Boston based masonry contractor, we understand what it takes to sustain buildings in the local weather conditions. With well planned strategies, we can give you the best results in historic preservation. We promise quality, efficiency and prompt customer support for every job we take up. No job is too big or too small for us. Some of the Massachusetts cities and towns we provide masonry services to are: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Boston, Braintree, Cambridge, Charlestown, Everett, Newton, North End, Quincy, Somerville, South End, South Weymouth, West Roxbury and Weymouth MA.

Contact us to to receive a historic preservation estimate. Call 1-857-237-2434 for a consultation and quote.