Brick Repair

Brick Repair Charlestown MA - N&P Masonry

If you are in need of brick repair in Charlestown MA call the experienced masonry contractors at N&P Masonry for a brick repair estimate. N&P Masonry Inc. offers full service brick repair in Charlestown MA. If you are looking for masonry contractors in Charlestown MA who work with a passion for renovating older masonry buildings and structures, contact us today.

Brick Repair Charlestown MA

  • Re-pointing Brick Charlestown MA
  • Repair and replacement of bricks Charlestown MA
  • Brick masonry repairs Charlestown MA
  • Repairing mortar work in brick structures Charlestown MA

In addition to brick repair, we also specialize in restoring stone, wood and metal used in brick structures. We are a one stop shop for all brick masonry solutions in Charlestown MA.

N&P Masonry's Brick Repair Process

Our team at N&P Masonry kick starts the process by identifying the problem. A thorough analysis of the brick structure gives us an idea of the extent of repairs required. The analysis includes studying the existing structure, its masonry and other materials used in the construction and strength of the structure.

Why Choose N&P Masonry, Inc.?

We focus on offering customized brick repair solutions, flawless craftsmanship and efficient customer service in Charlestown MA.

  • Brick repairs for long lasting results
  • A team of trained and certified masons
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Completion of job on time and on budget
  • Clear pricing
  • Fully licensed and insured

Contact N&P Masonry for high quality brick repair Charlestown MA. Call 1-857-237-2434 for a no obligation quote.