Brownstone Repair

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Our team at N&P Masonry Inc., provides complete brownstone repair services to residential and commercial buildings, structures and homes throughout Charlestown MA. If you are looking for experienced masonry contractors in Charlestown MA who work with a passion for renovating and preserving historic brownstone buildings, contact us today.

Expert Brownstone Repair Charlestown MA

As skilled masonry contractors in Charlestown MA, we are equipped to handle all types of brownstone repair including:

  • Brownstone Building Analysis Charlestown MA
  • Customized Brownstone Repair Solutions Charlestown MA
  • Waterproofing Tuckpointing Charlestown MA
  • Waterproofing Repointing Charlestown MA
  • Waterproofing Facade Repair Charlestown MA
  • Brownstone Waterproofing Charlestown MA

Why Does Your Brownstone Need Repair?

Brownstone is a type of sandstone and is formed in horizontal layers of sand and natural adhesives. When this stone is used in building constructions, it is cut vertically, thereby exposing the layers to natural elements. With time, water seeps into these layers and loosens the layers. As a result, the layers begin to come apart. Very old brownstone buildings sometimes crumble like rotting wood.

The cold Charlestown MA weather puts brownstone through a freeze-dry process, which causes a lot of damage. Some construction techniques accelerate the process of natural decay of brownstone. If the composition of mortar used to repoint the building is not appropriate, the brownstone could be damaged.

Trust Our Brownstone Repair Charlestown MA Professionals

N&P Masonry understands the effects that the Charlestown MA climate has on brownstone structures. With flawless workmanship and meticulous brownstone repair work, we ensure that your brownstone building remains strong, stable and visually appealing for many decades to come.

Contact N&P Masonry today for brownstone repairs Charlestown MA. Call 857-237-2434 to schedule a brownstone repair consultation.