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Chimney Pointing West Roxbury MA | Repointing Chimneys

If you search for Chimney Pointing West Roxbury MA you will find N&P Masonry a local chimney repointing contractor servicing West Roxbury MA.

Chimneys built using bricks, stone and mortar are strong and can stand the test of time. However, unavoidable conditions such as freezing, thawing and continuous changes in temperature can damage the mortar between the bricks and weaken the chimney. Chimney repointing experts from N&P Masonry can repair all of these damages to restore the structural strength and beauty of your chimney.

Benefits of Chimney Pointing West Roxbury MA

Chimney repointing has several benefits and is well worth the cost.

  • Enhances the durability of the chimney by correcting the damages
  • Restores the structural strength and stability of the chimney
  • Protects against water damage
  • Saves money on future repairs

Chimney Inspection Services

Repointing chimneys requires precision. The crumbling mortar needs to be painstakingly removed using chisels, and replaced with fresh mortar. The existing mortar needs to be removed up to a depth of 1" to 1.5" before fresh mortar can be applied.

For a flawless finish, it is essential to match the color and composition of the fresh mortar to the original mortar. At N&P Masonry, we start the process by inspecting the chimney to evaluate its actual condition. Once we are sure about the requirements of the chimney, we plan the repointing work and prepare a work schedule. Such planning helps us complete the job on time and on budget.

Chimney Repointing Experts West Roxbury MA

N&P Masonry Inc. focuses on providing professional chimney repointing services, flawless craftsmanship and efficient customer service.

  • A team of dedicated, qualified and certified masons fully licensed and insured.
  • Adherence to American quality standards
  • A dedicated project manager for onsite quality control
  • On-time completion of the project
  • Prompt and efficient customer service
  • Guaranteed work

Contact N&P Masonry Inc. today for chimney repointing in West Roxbury MA. Call 857-237-2434 to schedule a consultation.

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