Waterproofing Back Bay MA - Foundation Waterproofing

If you search for waterproofing Back Bay MA you will find N&P Masonry a local basement and foundation waterproofing contractor. N&P Masonry specializes in waterproofing

Over time, water can cause extensive damage to homes and buildings. N&P Masonry provides professional waterproofing services to commercial and residential customers in Back Bay MA. Our expert team of waterproofers can efficiently seal, coat and caulk basements, walls and foundations to prevent water from seeping into the structure and causing damage.

Benefits of Basement and Foundation Waterproofing Back Bay MA

Waterproofing is one of the most important protective measures for any building, be it brick masonry or stone masonry. With time, the filler material, usually concrete and mortar, wears off allowing water to seep into the interiors of the building. Sometimes, faulty or inefficient construction also leads to water seepage.

When water enters the building, it increases the humidity indoors. As a result, wood used in the interiors begins to rot and a musty smell lingers in the space. Seepage can also cause the electric lines to short circuit. Over time, the damage may aggravate causing major damage to the structure.

Waterproofing Services in Back Bay MA

At N&P Masonry, we specialize in waterproofing sub-grade and super-grade sections of the house, such as basements, foundations, drains, lintels, walls, ceilings and floors. We offer both residential and commercial waterproofing solutions. Our services include:

  • Leak investigation Back Bay MA
  • Customized waterproofing Back Bay MA
  • Caulking Back Bay MA
  • Waterproof coating and painting Back Bay MA
  • High quality sealant application Back Bay MA
  • Power washing Back Bay MA

Choose N&P for Waterproofing Back Bay MA

As experienced waterproofing contractors in Back Bay MA, we offer:

  • Round the clock emergency service
  • Expert waterproofing for all types of buildings and masonry works
  • Affordable and customized waterproofing solutions
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Financing options available

We evolve with the times. Our dedicated team keeps in touch with the latest advancements in masonry and utilizes the best waterproofing technologies. Before using any new technology, we analyze it and ensure that it is suitable for the harsh winters in Back Bay MA.

Contact N&P Masonry to learn more about our Back Bay MA waterproofing services and to schedule a consultation. Call 1-857-237-2434 for a no obligation quote.